Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's day

February 14- 6:45am, woke up with a frown on my face..
"Shucks,, It's Valentines day"
I used to enjoy this time of the year, and yes I love giving surprises. I'M A MAJOR FAN OF VALENTINES DAY.." I love flowers, chocolates and cakes. But It's different this year cause I'm single.
It took me like couple of hours before I finally decided to let go of the "valentine panic attack" hehe,I didn't want to go out of the house, cause I might start envying the people with flowers, or people celebrating this day with their special someones.
Then I started praying. "God,I know your love is enough, and I should be grateful that I could spend this day with you. You are the true giver of Love. Please fill up the emptiness in my heart and teach me to be contented with the love that you have showered upon me. I love you Lord, YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR ME.
After I prayed, I received the most incredible gift from God..... "JOY"

So here's how my day went..
1. Went to school and hugged my students!
2. Went home and took a nap
3. Woke up about 3pm and started dressing up because I'm going on a date,,
4. went to Jollibee east ave and decided to take a picture..

whiii!! My friends and I decided to use our GC @ SLimmers world and treat ourselves with a nice facial spa.
5. I met up with Nestle, rode the MRT and yes,, I took pictures ahaha
6. We went to Megamall and met up with my famous bestfriend, BERNICE wahhhhhhh!!!!
7. Had my very first facial spa, hahah,, WHATTA TREAT!!! I had this for about 45 mins. and yes I enjoyed it. It was very relaxing and I got to talk to "ate"( the one who's cleaning my face. )I found out that she was a christian! wuhoo!! That was an amazing sharing time. Thank you Lord.

8. After facial, we met up with Esther, an awesome friend of ours. (She's really adorable)
and we started walking around Megamall, trying to check out good restos and we found this!
(it took us about half an hour before we found this place, so imagine our crankiness,, wahahha,, or maybe I'm the only cranky girl among the group hehe,, I HATE IT WHEN I'M HUNGRY, MY BODY SHUTSDOWN, MY BRAINS DOESN'T WORK AT ALL AND MY CRANKYNES IS JUST SCARY.. SO yeah,, I need food.. haha)

9. We had to wait for 15 mins before we got in the resto But it's all worth it!! wuhooo!! yummy food!!!

10. and more pictures... ahehe

Look at the other table,,they're all sad,, hahah I pity them,,hwahahahaha,, See we're all happy being single!! hahah

11. I enjoyed my time with these beautiful girls. I learned a lot and I now appreciate the life of being single. The joy that God has placed in my heart that day is just overwhelming and YES.. being single is not a curse, it is a season in life that each and everyone of us has to enjoy!

Here's the drama moment:

Thank you Jagabang bang Nicey for making this night Super awesome!!! I just want you to know that I really appreciate the time that you've spent with me. You really know my heart and thank you for being there during my bad days.thank you for your patience,, and most especially for the indescribable friendship, I love you!! mwamwa UR D CHANGCHANG of my life,, bwaha..

Nestle, hey mayor, thank you for all the bonding moments, and all the food trips. Thank you for all the affirmations you've given me. Thank you for always encouraging me and for making my day so bubbly. I will continue to be your friend as long as I live.. I love you and I'm happy that I met you.. mwamwa

Therther, I so love you.. Thank you for spending time with us. I know it was a short notice,but thank you for coming. I enjoyed your stories and looking forward to hear more of it. Always wear your sweet smile, and don't forget that we're always praying for you. love you dear. mwamwa


(Here's the last photoshoot during that memorable night)

and here's more..

The End.... ;)-anj

"What we have lost, God will restore!"


Anonymous said...

cranky ka na gel nang lagay na yon na keri mo pa mag-pose sa harap ng resto? lol. this is a wonderful way to enjoy being single. go go! :)

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