Monday, February 21, 2011


Nicey thank you for making this one! ur the bestestbestfriend in the whole wide universe,,JAGABANGBANG

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's day

February 14- 6:45am, woke up with a frown on my face..
"Shucks,, It's Valentines day"
I used to enjoy this time of the year, and yes I love giving surprises. I'M A MAJOR FAN OF VALENTINES DAY.." I love flowers, chocolates and cakes. But It's different this year cause I'm single.
It took me like couple of hours before I finally decided to let go of the "valentine panic attack" hehe,I didn't want to go out of the house, cause I might start envying the people with flowers, or people celebrating this day with their special someones.
Then I started praying. "God,I know your love is enough, and I should be grateful that I could spend this day with you. You are the true giver of Love. Please fill up the emptiness in my heart and teach me to be contented with the love that you have showered upon me. I love you Lord, YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR ME.
After I prayed, I received the most incredible gift from God..... "JOY"

So here's how my day went..
1. Went to school and hugged my students!
2. Went home and took a nap
3. Woke up about 3pm and started dressing up because I'm going on a date,,
4. went to Jollibee east ave and decided to take a picture..

whiii!! My friends and I decided to use our GC @ SLimmers world and treat ourselves with a nice facial spa.
5. I met up with Nestle, rode the MRT and yes,, I took pictures ahaha
6. We went to Megamall and met up with my famous bestfriend, BERNICE wahhhhhhh!!!!
7. Had my very first facial spa, hahah,, WHATTA TREAT!!! I had this for about 45 mins. and yes I enjoyed it. It was very relaxing and I got to talk to "ate"( the one who's cleaning my face. )I found out that she was a christian! wuhoo!! That was an amazing sharing time. Thank you Lord.

8. After facial, we met up with Esther, an awesome friend of ours. (She's really adorable)
and we started walking around Megamall, trying to check out good restos and we found this!
(it took us about half an hour before we found this place, so imagine our crankiness,, wahahha,, or maybe I'm the only cranky girl among the group hehe,, I HATE IT WHEN I'M HUNGRY, MY BODY SHUTSDOWN, MY BRAINS DOESN'T WORK AT ALL AND MY CRANKYNES IS JUST SCARY.. SO yeah,, I need food.. haha)

9. We had to wait for 15 mins before we got in the resto But it's all worth it!! wuhooo!! yummy food!!!

10. and more pictures... ahehe

Look at the other table,,they're all sad,, hahah I pity them,,hwahahahaha,, See we're all happy being single!! hahah

11. I enjoyed my time with these beautiful girls. I learned a lot and I now appreciate the life of being single. The joy that God has placed in my heart that day is just overwhelming and YES.. being single is not a curse, it is a season in life that each and everyone of us has to enjoy!

Here's the drama moment:

Thank you Jagabang bang Nicey for making this night Super awesome!!! I just want you to know that I really appreciate the time that you've spent with me. You really know my heart and thank you for being there during my bad days.thank you for your patience,, and most especially for the indescribable friendship, I love you!! mwamwa UR D CHANGCHANG of my life,, bwaha..

Nestle, hey mayor, thank you for all the bonding moments, and all the food trips. Thank you for all the affirmations you've given me. Thank you for always encouraging me and for making my day so bubbly. I will continue to be your friend as long as I live.. I love you and I'm happy that I met you.. mwamwa

Therther, I so love you.. Thank you for spending time with us. I know it was a short notice,but thank you for coming. I enjoyed your stories and looking forward to hear more of it. Always wear your sweet smile, and don't forget that we're always praying for you. love you dear. mwamwa


(Here's the last photoshoot during that memorable night)

and here's more..

The End.... ;)-anj

"What we have lost, God will restore!"

Monday, November 15, 2010

What a great Life!

When I asked God for love.. He gave me this...

....He gave me an awesome sister and a lovable mom. Even if there's a lot of disagreements, God's love is more than enough to unite the three of us. The laughters we've shared together will always remain in our hearts. And I will never get tired of saying that they are my treasure and I will fight for them whatever it takes.

When I asked God for a deeper understanding of His word.. He gave me this..

..who would have thought that I, GEL CRUZ will end up having masters at ATS??? not even in my wildest dreams did I see it coming. I just remembered the day where I found myself so thirsty for God's word, so hungry for more of Him, and so desperate to have intimate relationship with Him. I searched the net and googled these words "bible school in Quezon City", then BAMMMM! I saw Asian Theological Seminary.

Was it just a coincidence? hmm.. I don't think so. Because this is what I asked for. If I want a Deeper understanding of His Word, I should commit on studying it so I'm blessed to be part of ATS family because they're helping me achieve my purpose in life and that is to know more and more about my King.

When I asked God for a bestfriend,, He gave me this..

...... a crazy book reader....
She's not just contented in reading it! if she could munch all the books in the library,, my goodness,, I know she's gonna do it!

.....A coffee lover!...

and that makes her hyper. Wait, not just hyper, INSANELY HYPER. She drinks coffee before she preaches, and what's the result? 500 words in 10 seconds. No kidding.

...a monkey lover like me!....
you see, we love this monkey cause he's so huggable and yeah, he takes us seriously.

.... a humble person..
see.. even if she's the center of attention, she doesn't brag at all. and she doesn't like her pictures taken..hmm,,, I'm such a liar.. hahah

......A friend to everyone...
She's talks and shares a lot. She's not ashamed of what she believes in. She doesn't care if you're rich or poor, tall or short, a businessman or taxi driver. SHE LOVES SHARING THE WORD OF GOD EVEN TO MONSTERS,... so.. be scared.. (^^,) oh I mean be prepared..

Kidding aside.. I'm really thankful for the Life of my bestfriend Nicey. She's my soulmate and my Jonathan. We laugh all the time but we can also be serious when we encounter our "toink" moments. (How I wish people can see our serious side nicey,,hehe) She's like my bell during my inconsistent days, my dictionary when I'm lost in words, my teacher when I don't understand our lessons in class, my cherry which lightens up my dark chocolatey days. SHE'S MY PRAYER PARTNER, my supporter, my accountability partner, and my sister.

I've never met such a great person like her before. She's not just an ordinary gift, but a real treasure that is worth keeping. Lovelove nicey,, More adventures for our King ok? hugggzz

Saturday, October 30, 2010

so inlove with our Savior....


We are both inlove with God

and both desperate for His touch

We are called to do greater things for Him and we will never settle for something less.

It is our prayer to touch lives with our God given talents

and We wil continue to do this as long as it pleases our Mighty King

Our hearts will never stop worshipping Him because HE IS THE ONLY REASON why we live.

We have an extraordinary love for God and we will continue to follow Him whatever it takes.

Purity in Spirit is what we desire

We will continue to hate sin and pursue a righteous living.

We will finish the race tht God has destined for us

and We will stay strong and faithful to the very end.

So Desperate
Lyrics by Bernice Pinol
Music by Gel Cruz

Early in the morning your sweet voice beckons me
your word brings life and love, It's the air that I breathe
I cannot live without you, can't even last a day
I'm in need of nothing but your beauty and grace

Every day and every night I seek your presence
I have been ruined by your loving kindness
You're marvelous, glorious, holy in all your ways
you're so lovely Lord you take my breath away

JesuS you satisfy
Your love is my delight
my heart can't seem to get enough
Oh I'm captivated, so in love
My flesh and my heart cry out
for you my worthy King
to see your face is all I'm asking

I'm desperate for you
I'm desperate for you
So desperate for more


What more can I give
What's there to surrender
leaving all else behind
For you're my only treasure
have all of me take everything
Even my hopes and my dreams
conquer this heart seize every part
I lay it all down for the beautiful one

Monday, October 18, 2010

Saved by His Grace

Ephesians 2:4 ..But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions, it is by grace that you have been saved.

Who am I Lord that you are so mindful of me? I've done awful things in your sight but still you remained faithful. How come you love me this much? Do I deserve this? not that I'm complaining my King, but because I'm in awe of your unconditional love.

I remembered the time when I refused to follow your will. My rebellious heart kept on searching for the love that wil complete me. But no matter how I try to fix the puzzles of love I just can't seem to understand it. You repeatedly asked me to surrender my heart but I turned my back on you. I made my own pathway of love and I was happy. But Little did I know that It was just temporary. The pathway became a pit of darkness, loneliness and brokeness. You reached your hand towards me but still I refused to hold on to you. I tried climbing up, fixing my life, forcing things to be ok but my King.... I failed.....

In my weakness, there you stood up from your Throne, knelt down and grabbed me with your loving arms. That's the only time that I finally understood your grace that saved me from destruction. My King, listen to my heart saying.... I love you... please forgive me, make me your princess again.. This time I'll let you rule over me because now I SURRENDER.-anj

My heart, your Home

Come and make my heart your home
Come and be everything I am and all I know
search me through and through
Until my heart becomes a home for you

A home for you
A home for you
Let everything I do
Open up a door for you to come through
Then my heart would be a place where you wanna be

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm Sorry

Hi Lord, Its been awhile.. I feel really weak now,, but then I know that your love is more than enough to fill me up. I haven't been really faithful to you and my heart is just full of guilt and shame. I don't know what to say, and Im really lost in words. "I'm sorry...I'm sorry.. I'm sorry..' these are the words that kept repeating in my heart. My King, please hear my heart crying out for you. No one can replace you, so please come in to my heart and let it beat again for you. Make my heart wise that I may walk in your light. Take away all the distractions that kept on feeding the needs of my flesh. There's nothing I desire but you. Please my King, accept my heart. Cause me to love you more. Cause me to be intimate with you. Cause me to be inlove with you. I love you.... please make me yours forever. -your princess

You are for me - Kari Jobe
So Faithful
So constant
so loving and so true
so powerful in all you do

You fill me
You see me
You know my every move
You love for me to sing to you

I know that you are for me
I know that you are for me
I know that you will never forsake me in my weakness
and I know that you have come down
even if to write upon my heart
to remind me of who you are

So patient
So gracious
so merciful and true
So wonderful in all you do

you fill me
You see me
You know my every move
You love for me to sing to you