Monday, August 9, 2010

My Father

Life is like a rollercoaster. Sometimes you're up, and sometimes you're way way down. Life for me wasn't as easy as 123. My dad left us when I was very young but I'm blessed because my mom took care of us. I grew up in a loving church where all the pastors became my "Spiritual Dad". They always ask me, "how are you doing Gel?, Is everything ok?, do you need anything?, and I guess these are the questions that kept me hanging on. I knew somehow that God gave these pastors to take care of me and my sister. They're such a blessing to my family.
At first, I thought that life would be great because of these people who were praying for us, but as I mature, I realized that I needed a real father who would always be there. A father who would provide for our family. A father who would teach me how to ride a bike, a father who would teach me how to swim, play basketball, or play chess. There's so much longing in my heart. There were nights that I'd pray and ask God to make my family whole again. But God was really silent.
Before my dad left us, he drove us to school, and I wouldn't forget these words that came out from his mouth "remember, I love you". It was hard for me to believe those words when he left us. How could he say those precious words? What made him decide to leave such a happy family? If he loves me, then why leave?.. these are the questions that came through my mind. But I'm glad because my mom, taught us to love and respect my dad inspite of all the flaws. I was never mad at my dad. Though there were times that I'd blame him for what's happening in my life but I was never mad at him.
It took me years to finally accept that we're a broken family. There were nights that I would cry silently, so that my mom won't hear me. But you see, these are nights that God assured me of His love. He'd always tell me, "I'm your Father, I never left you, and I'll never will. Even if I'm silent, I was just right there beside you, holding your hands" I was really amazed of God's love. He really took care of us. There were days that we don't have any food to eat, but God surprised us with boxes of food and clothes. There were days that we don't have money for my tuition fee, but after we prayed for it, God will use people to bless us. Amazing Right?
I have an Awesome God. We have an Awesome Lord. People may leave us, but God will remain faithful. He will never leave us nor forsake us because He loves us.

The song is about knowing and trusting God's faithfulness. Hope you like it! Blessings! - Anj

Awesome God - Anj

Through the darkness
Through our sadness
Through our weakness
You are Faithful

Through our brokeness
Through our hopelessness
Through the darkness

You are an Awesome God
An Awesome Lord
You love us so
You cleanse us more and more

You are faithful
You are faithful
You are faithful Lord


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