Friday, August 6, 2010

Give me Songs..

I had my Itouch synced with my friend's ITUNES. I was extremely excited to check all the worship songs. There were tons of beautiful songs that really made me cry. These are songs that was made out of love and passion for God. Imagine, in every circumstances in life, it may be good or bad, You can still see God's goodness. I love songs has deep meaning, or deep longing for God's presence. I love imagining how the composers came up with such good songs. I want to be like them. My dream is to have my own album full of heavenly songs. Songs that will inspire people who are lost and broken hearted. Songs that will influence my generation. Songs that could reach through the ends of the earth. And songs full of God's anointing.

I want God to give me songs that is life changing. Sounds impossible? nah! I have a BIG GOD. That's why I dream "BIG". I'm His princess, and He is my King, can He grant the desires of my heart? YES HE CAN!

I'll keep singing... and pursue my destiny that God has planned for me.


I'd like to share this song with you guys. It was originally sung by Audra Lynn of IHOP.

Truly that Without God, Life is absolutely Nothing.

Without you

Without you I have nothing, Without you life is gone
Without you I have nothing but this broken words
and lifeless melody
Lead me to this empty song

Will you be the words I sing
Will you be my melody
Will you be the song that I sing
and the life within me
Will you be my everything.


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