Monday, August 16, 2010

There's no need to fight...

I've been reading 2Chronicles chapter 20 for how many days now. I'm really amazed on how God showed His strength and His power. Jehoshaphat knew God is a merciful God. He knew very well that God will rescue them, but of course he has no idea how God will do it. Here, I've seen so much faith, they went on marching, praising God and expecting that they will defeat the vast army with their own hands, but God did all the work, He did it because He saw how the people humbled themselves before Him. God saw their desperation. God knew that He was the only hope of His people. I can just imagine v23, when the enemies were really confused and ended up killing each other. Wow! That's amazing! Do you know that God can do that in our lives? Even if we are in the midst of temptations, confusions, The blood of Christ is more than enough to destroy the enemies plan. We have to know that the battle is not ours. We have to set our eyes on our Savior and strongly believe that we have won and the victory is ours forever!! GOD IS POWERFUL! HE WILL SAVE US NO MATTER WHAT!

God gave me this song while I was meditating on this chapter. I pray that through this song He will remind you of His power and that no one can ever defeat Him- blessings!-anj

Battle- Anj
When I'm weak
You made me strong
When I'm down
You raised me up
When I failed
You said "I'll be great"
I'll be great

For the battle is yours
For the battle is yours
And by your Power and Majesty
The enemy fails


efreyes said...

haven't gotten tired of this ...

anj said...

Aww Unclee,, I'll post it here.. Missing you bigtym

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