Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh so Hungry..

I went to see Jaeson Ma's 10/40 movie. It was awesome! It was Great! I knew right at that moment that I was called to be a missionary. Actually all christians are called to be a missionary. We're not chosen by God just to sit down and listen to our pastors. WE WERE chosen for a reason and that is to share HIs gospel. Man! I'm just so excited to reach out to those people who doesn't even know who God is.
As I was watching the movie, I was awestruck on how God showed His goodness to His people. China, Indonesia, Africa are just one of those countries who has so much passion for our King. Imagine, God can shake our country in just a blink of an eye. There is only one God, one King and one Savior and that is Jesus Christ. I'm so so so inlove with Him, and I'm hungry for more of Him, I thirst for Him, and I just can't live without Him.
Calling All missionaries out there! It's time to move, no more half hearted servants, Lets go and proclaim the Gospel of our King!

Hungry-Kathryn Scott
Hungry I come to you
for I know, you satisfy
I am empty but I know your love does
not run dry

So I wait for you
So I wait for you

I'm falling on my knees
offering all my needs
Jesus your all this heart is living for

Broken I run to you
for your arms are open wide
I am weary but I know your touch restores my life


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