Saturday, October 30, 2010

so inlove with our Savior....


We are both inlove with God

and both desperate for His touch

We are called to do greater things for Him and we will never settle for something less.

It is our prayer to touch lives with our God given talents

and We wil continue to do this as long as it pleases our Mighty King

Our hearts will never stop worshipping Him because HE IS THE ONLY REASON why we live.

We have an extraordinary love for God and we will continue to follow Him whatever it takes.

Purity in Spirit is what we desire

We will continue to hate sin and pursue a righteous living.

We will finish the race tht God has destined for us

and We will stay strong and faithful to the very end.

So Desperate
Lyrics by Bernice Pinol
Music by Gel Cruz

Early in the morning your sweet voice beckons me
your word brings life and love, It's the air that I breathe
I cannot live without you, can't even last a day
I'm in need of nothing but your beauty and grace

Every day and every night I seek your presence
I have been ruined by your loving kindness
You're marvelous, glorious, holy in all your ways
you're so lovely Lord you take my breath away

JesuS you satisfy
Your love is my delight
my heart can't seem to get enough
Oh I'm captivated, so in love
My flesh and my heart cry out
for you my worthy King
to see your face is all I'm asking

I'm desperate for you
I'm desperate for you
So desperate for more


What more can I give
What's there to surrender
leaving all else behind
For you're my only treasure
have all of me take everything
Even my hopes and my dreams
conquer this heart seize every part
I lay it all down for the beautiful one


missbernice said...

SERIOUSLY. My heart is leaping right now!!! IT'S AWESOME... Grabe!! No exaggeration. DUDE. Galing...... Wahahahaha!!! It's so surreal hearing it. Grabe galing.... AWESOME JOB MY FRIEND!!!! We have a team. More songs to come!!! hahahaha... I kept checking your site all night long, and girl the waiting was worth it!!! wooot... :-) GRABE thanks for making it sound so BEAUTIFUL.

*please don't forget the white envelope.

Man needing of God said...
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