Monday, November 15, 2010

What a great Life!

When I asked God for love.. He gave me this...

....He gave me an awesome sister and a lovable mom. Even if there's a lot of disagreements, God's love is more than enough to unite the three of us. The laughters we've shared together will always remain in our hearts. And I will never get tired of saying that they are my treasure and I will fight for them whatever it takes.

When I asked God for a deeper understanding of His word.. He gave me this..

..who would have thought that I, GEL CRUZ will end up having masters at ATS??? not even in my wildest dreams did I see it coming. I just remembered the day where I found myself so thirsty for God's word, so hungry for more of Him, and so desperate to have intimate relationship with Him. I searched the net and googled these words "bible school in Quezon City", then BAMMMM! I saw Asian Theological Seminary.

Was it just a coincidence? hmm.. I don't think so. Because this is what I asked for. If I want a Deeper understanding of His Word, I should commit on studying it so I'm blessed to be part of ATS family because they're helping me achieve my purpose in life and that is to know more and more about my King.

When I asked God for a bestfriend,, He gave me this..

...... a crazy book reader....
She's not just contented in reading it! if she could munch all the books in the library,, my goodness,, I know she's gonna do it!

.....A coffee lover!...

and that makes her hyper. Wait, not just hyper, INSANELY HYPER. She drinks coffee before she preaches, and what's the result? 500 words in 10 seconds. No kidding.

...a monkey lover like me!....
you see, we love this monkey cause he's so huggable and yeah, he takes us seriously.

.... a humble person..
see.. even if she's the center of attention, she doesn't brag at all. and she doesn't like her pictures taken..hmm,,, I'm such a liar.. hahah

......A friend to everyone...
She's talks and shares a lot. She's not ashamed of what she believes in. She doesn't care if you're rich or poor, tall or short, a businessman or taxi driver. SHE LOVES SHARING THE WORD OF GOD EVEN TO MONSTERS,... so.. be scared.. (^^,) oh I mean be prepared..

Kidding aside.. I'm really thankful for the Life of my bestfriend Nicey. She's my soulmate and my Jonathan. We laugh all the time but we can also be serious when we encounter our "toink" moments. (How I wish people can see our serious side nicey,,hehe) She's like my bell during my inconsistent days, my dictionary when I'm lost in words, my teacher when I don't understand our lessons in class, my cherry which lightens up my dark chocolatey days. SHE'S MY PRAYER PARTNER, my supporter, my accountability partner, and my sister.

I've never met such a great person like her before. She's not just an ordinary gift, but a real treasure that is worth keeping. Lovelove nicey,, More adventures for our King ok? hugggzz


missbernice said...

OH MY GULLLLAAAAAYYY!!!! Hahahaha.... you're the cutest thing!! I laughed so hard. :-D yeah dude, those monsters better watchout!!! We're gonna preach to their hell-bound souls. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

I have no words to say... anana!! hahaha.

We both love our pictures taken! yeahhaha.. we prolly have a thousand of them na in a span of 5months...

Barely 5 months gelly!! and yet our friendship feels like a thousand years old. THANK YOU FOR WALKING WITH ME ALL THIS TIME. You have made me more like Christ and more intimate with Him. You taught me things a thousand books could never teach me. All i could say is, you're God's ANGEL sent from heaven to me.

I love ya dearly... LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL WITH HIM.

GEL said...

ooH Yeah! Told yah I was uber sweet hahahaha!!! "Don't forget the Swiss Bank" lolx hahahaha,, Yeah Nicey, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL WITH HIM!

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